Interested in getting music throughout your home but don't want to deal with the hassle and expense of having wires run? If so then Sonos is a great solution. Employing robust wireless connectivity, Sonos gives you the ability to get music into virtually any room in the house. The elegant and intuitive new iPad interface makes controlling your music fun and easy!

In addition to having the ability to play all of the songs in your iTunes library, Sonos comes with built-in support for popular music services such as Pandora, Rhapsody, and Sirius/XM radio. To top it all off Sonos provides a slick control application for your, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch for free!



Founded in 1961, Lutron is the worldwide leader in lighting control. Lutron offers a vast array of products that will satisfy the lighting needs of any project in terms of both functionality and aesthetics. In addition to providing great ways to control the electric lighting in your home, Lutron's ultra quiet Sivoia QS motorized shades are perfect for controlling natural light and providing privacy.

Now fully ready for iPad integration via Savant's intuitive new home automation iPad App... Control and dim your lights, set scenes, view feedback from your lights around the house, monitor your usage, and start saving energy and seeing real results in using less power and living greener



HAI Omni control systems are the heart of your automated home/business because they can enable all of the systems in your home/business to talk to each other. HAI can integrate the security, access control, cooling, heating, lighting and surveillance systems to provide comfort, convenience and safety.



One of the world's largest manufacturers of remote controls, Universal Remote has spent years innovating and improving remote control technology. Since even the most elaborate home theater is useless if you can't control it, virtually every system we sell includes a custom programmed remote from Universal Remote.



Samsung is a leader in LCD and Plasma HDTV technology. The new line of LED TVs offer fantastic picture quality and low energy consumption in an ultra-slim package.



Whether it's ultra thin design, 3D ready technology, wireless broadband entertainment, stunning LED picture quality, or THX certified flat panel displays - LG is at the forefront of television innovation...



Panasonic's internet accessible cameras allow you to view what's going on at your home from anywhere you have an internet connection. Panasonic's offerings include cameras that can be mounted outdoors, as well as cameras that have the ability to be remotely aimed and zoomed.



Seura LCD TV mirrors offer an elegant solution for viewing television and movies in spaces where having an exposed TV is not practical or aesthetically appropriate. Seura has many models to choose from so please take a look at their website to get a sense of their offerings.



Triad makes some of the finest speakers and subwoofers available for both home theater and distributed audio applications. Whereas most speaker manufacturers have moved their production overseas to reduce costs, Triad refuses to cut corners - 95% of Triad speakers are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Nearly all Triad speakers are built to order, and can be custom veneered or painted to match your décor. Most importantly, every Triad speaker sounds amazing, and will provide years of musical enjoyment.



It's safe to say that Niles Audio is an iconic manufacturer of custom audio/video installation products. From environmental marine rated outdoor and architectural speakers to Multizone Audio Systems - Niles has been delivering "best in class" products in our industry for over 30 years...

The Niles ICS system is one of the most easy to use and high performing audio (and video) distribution systems available today. If you are an iPod lover this is the system for you. Simply plug your iPod into a dock that can be located anywhere in your home, and control and play all of your music just as you would on your iPod from a selection of aesthetically pleasing in-wall touchscreens, keypads and wireless handheld remotes.

In addition to the ICS system Niles offers a comprehensive line of architectural loud speakers, amplifiers, and accessories that will fulfill any custom audio/video integration need.



JVC's D-ILA projectors produce stunning image quality at very reasonable prices. With the ability to accommodate screens up to 10 feet wide a JVC projector can truly create the cinema experience at home.



The best known name in projection screens, Stewart offers a broad array of products to accommodate any type of projection project.



IHS is an authorized dealer for NHT speakers. NHT is a California based speaker manufacturer which offers a wide range of products that can provide great sound in any application. The perfect balance of sound quality and affordability makes NHT speakers a great value.

One thing that becomes immediately clear during a tour of the NHT offices: They're music guys. Just about everyone involved in the design, marketing, and support of NHT products plays an instrument or two. This constant exposure to live music makes NHT unapologetic perfectionists when it comes to speaker design. NHT = Now Hear This



NAD was founded in 1972 to prove that high-performance audio did not have to cost a fortune. They succeeded then, and they continue to succeed today. Over the past three decades NAD has expanded their line to include some of the best home theater receivers on the market, while still producing the high-quality two-channel audio products that they built their reputation upon. The relative compactness of NAD's offerings allows them to be integrated into your decor more easily than many competing brands.



A Unique Product

WindowCandles is patented and is the world’s first and only built-in, low-voltage window candle decorating system. There is no other product that incorporates the same convenience, safety features, and installation or design flexibility.


WindowCandles are wired into your home. The installation process results in a securely mounted window candle with no exposed cords or wires. It is easy to install and remove the candle at each window. The candle simply slides in and out of a mounting clip permanently installed on the window sill. A small rubber cover can be installed over the mounting clip to protect it.



Bay Audio's goal is to manufacture truly high-performance speakers that blend into the architecture of your home. A relative newcomer to the scene, Bay Audio has quickly made themselves known as one of the premier producers of high-end architectural speakers.

In addition to their built-in speakers, Bay Audio offers a line of great sounding speakers meant to be housed in cabinetry.