Custom Custom CustomSometimes you just need to blend technology and aesthetics together... Take for example this hidden camera which doubles as an in-ceiling speaker. While at home - it just looks like a speaker. While away, the camera drops down for a view of inside the residence.



IHS ShowroomOur showroom features a Pioneer plasma elegantly hidden by a painting that keeps it out of sight when not in use, and then rolls up into the frame when you want to watch TV.

Almost every major product we carry is on display in our showroom, so please contact us to schedule a visit. Showroom is by appointment - and we're happy to spend as much time with you as needed to make sure you get to see, hear, and experience everything...



Hidden TreasuresThe owners of this sea-side home wanted to keep their entertainment systems hidden while not in use. In the living room a drop down screen, projector and Triad in-ceiling speakers deliver a true home theater experience, while cleverly hidden Panasonic plasma and Canton speakers in the beautifully finished library are perfect for more casual viewing. Flush-mounted Bay Audio in-ceiling speakers fill the rest of the home with rich and enveloping music.