Smarthome & Remote Access Smarthome technology enables us to control all of the various systems within a home - thermostats, lighting, motorized shading, security and surveillance cameras. Through the use of convenient Apps, we make it easy to control and monitor vital systems in your home with your iPhone/iPad, Android phone or tablet.

Remote access - no problem... Leaving for a two week vacation? Have a second home? Pressing an "Away" button keeps the heat at a fixed level, and automatically turns the lights on and off each day to make the house appear occupied. Use your iPhone or Android phone for quick and easy remote access into thermostats, security, and lighting while you're away.



Lighting ControlArriving home late one evening to an empty house, you pull into the driveway and depress the garage door opener. Immediately your home transforms to provide you with a comfortable "occupied" feeling by conveniently lighting pre-selected rooms throughout your home before you enter. As you exit your car, the path from the garage to the kitchen is already lit and you can quickly and safely unload your belongings. Later that evening as you prepare for bed a single touch of the "goodnight" button on the keypad in the master suite extinguishes all unnecessary lights throughout your home and gently illuminates a nighttime path from the bedroom to the kitchen to safely accommodate any nighttime cravings you may have.

Lighting Control offers a convenient method of controlling the many lighting fixtures throughout your home from any location. In addition to eliminating the need for unattractive large banks of switches by replacing them with simple-to-use and elegant looking keypads, a typical system has the ability to create and store "lighting scenes". These scenes consist of pre-determined lighting levels for multiple fixtures throughout your home and are pre-programmed for specific events such as entertaining, vacationing, or watching television. Once stored, they can easily be recalled via the touch of a single button.

However, convenience and improved aesthetics are not the only pluses of lighting control. The added benefits of reduced energy use, improved safety and security, and the ability to control the lights in your home when you aren't even there are all great reasons to consider adding lighting control to your home.



Motorized ShadingMotorized shading provides many benefits, some of which are not immediately obvious. Having shades automatically open in the morning and close at night can save time and trouble. Blocking unneeded sunlight during the day can reduce energy costs and provide added comfort in the home. Shades on windows located in hard to reach places can now be easily controlled, and privacy is available at the press of a button. Automated shades can also provide protection from damaging UV rays for valuable artwork and furniture.

In a home theater setting the use of motorized shading in conjunction with lighting control allows one to set the right scene for viewing a movie at any time of day.



Whole House AudioNothing does more to enhance your living environment than having your favorite music playing while you go about your day. Today's wireless audio systems allow network based streaming music content to play in different rooms of the house simultaneously. This means that you can listen to NPR in the kitchen while someone else listens to jazz in the office.

Entertaining guests? You can easily pick the perfect Pandora radio station or iTunes playlist for the evening, and have it all playing at the appropriate volume in each room. At the end of the night a single button turns it all off.

Our Showroom pictured here is available by appointment for free consultation and guided product demonstration.



Home TheaterThese days the words "Home Theater" encompass everything from a compact bedroom system to a large, dedicated room with a projection screen and seating for 12 or more. Regardless of scale, what home theater means to us is a place where movies, TV shows, and music can be fully enjoyed. This means that each word spoken by an actor on screen comes through clearly and distinctly, and you are able to just relax and enjoy what unfolds on the screen. When the time comes for sound effects and explosions, our systems can easily provide those, too.

Sound and picture are only two parts of the home theater equation. Proper lighting, temperature, and ambient noise control are all equally important aspects of the viewing experience. If this sounds like too much to think about don't worry because IHS can tie all of these elements together and make them easy for you to control.



SecurityIt's 3:00am, and suddenly you are awakened by the telephone. The automated voice at the other end informs you of a problem at your ski chalet... 300 miles away. You quickly lean over to your laptop and log onto your vacation home's secured website. There you discover that the water sensor installed in the basement indicates a leak. You cue up the remote web cam image and determine that the washing machine hose has burst. Fortunately your home was installed with a programmable automatic water control that has already sensed the problem and turned off the main water supply. Prior to logging off you issue a quick email to the local plumbing contractor to request a service call the next day. You are back in bed within 15 minutes, confident that your home will be fully operational for your weekend arrival.

Security systems no longer consist solely of intrusion detection. Today's robust systems offer such features as water leak detection, remote surveillance capabilities and even pool alarms to alert you as someone enters the water. Innovative Home Systems can provide you with a customized security system that not only addresses your safety concerns but also utilizes additional home automation functions such as lighting control, email or phone dial-up to respond to specific security-related events.



Network CamerasInternet accessible cameras provide an easy to use and powerful way to monitor what is happening at your home or business from anywhere you have an internet connection. This technology can provide tremendous peace of mind to homeowners even when thousands of miles away from home.

Cameras may be configured to automatically record when motion is detected allowing you to retrieve valuable evidence in the event that your home is broken into. Is bad weather forecast at your Summer residence? Log into your cameras and make sure that all the windows and doors are closed before the storm hits.

Given their many uses it is not surprising that network cameras are quickly growing in popularity with our clients. Please contact us to find out more about this exciting technology.